Touch Massage by Andrea Oliveira 

Andrea Touch Massage

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Facial Services

  • Chemical Peel
  •  Microdermabrasion (Dermapen)
  •  Stretch Marks
  •  Stain Treatment
  •  Lifting Facial
  •  Phototherapy Skin Treatment
  • Ultrasonic Peeling
  •  Wrinkles Treatment
  •  Facial Lymphatic Drainage
  •  Gold Mask
  •  Diamond Mask
  •  Radio Frequency
  •  Skin Revitalization
  •  Acne Treatment

Stain Treatment + Gold Mask

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Radio Frequency


Microdermabrasion (Dermapen)


Facial Moisturizing


Skin Revitalization






















Ultrasonic Peeling

 Ultrasonic Peeling
Is a treatment that aims to promote cell renewal of the skin through micro-abrasion and removal of the superficial and middle layers of the skin. Ultrasonic Peeling is one of the new types of peeling, and is revolutionizing cosmetic treatments.