Touch Massage by Andrea Oliveira 

Andrea Touch Massage

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Total Body Rejuvenation 

Touch Massage by Andrea Oliveira in Orlando, Florida offers a wide range of treatments to relax your body and soothe your senses. Whether you are in pain or just need to loosen up after a day’s work, give us a call.


Ultrasound cavitation is a fairly new aesthetic treatment that involves body sculpting without anesthesia, scars, discomfort, and downtime. Using modern technology, cavitation converts fat cells into liquid which can be drained by your body’s natural filtration system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

MLD boosts lymphatic system function and detoxifies all tissues and organs while reducing inflammation and edemas. It is gentle and non-invasive but extremely effective.

Butt Lift 

This treatment increases the collagen in your skin, effectively improving its elasticity. It lifts and tones your skin while shaping and strengthening your muscles.

Reductive Massage 

Performed using firm, rapid, and repetitive movements of your body tissue, reductive massage shapes your body and eliminates localized fat. It favors the localized breakdown of fat cells removed from the blood stream. 

The aggressive, dynamic movements, coupled with the use of a special cream (for the mitigation measures that contain methyl nicotinate, caffeine, celulinol, etc.), can reach fabric layers with higher concentration of fat like the belly, arms, legs, and waist.

Hot Stone Massage 

This treatment promotes muscle relaxation. It relieves tense muscles and reduces inflammation while stimulating blood circulation.

Electrical Stimulation

Perfect for reducing arthritis, inflammation, and muscle spasm, electrical stimulation also builds muscle strength.

Sports Massage 

As the name suggests, a sports massage treats sports-related injuries. It corrects muscle damage and strengthens overused joints. On that note, it also improves posture and enhances athletic performance.

Prenatal Massage 

A prenatal massage relaxes tense muscles, eases sore areas, and improves mobility and blood circulation, much like a regular massage does. But as the name implies, it is geared towards pregnant women, given their body changes. We understand they have different needs so we adjust our techniques accordingly.


It improves hydration and skin elasticity. Provides muscle relaxation, relieving stress, fatigue and tension. It also activates blood circulation accelerating the cell renewal process, eliminating toxins from the tissues reducing the swelling. Activates the lymphatic system, eliminates fat and cellulite for body shaping.

Bamboo Therapy

Is an originally French massage which uses bamboo as massager feature. It works through the bamboo sticks that act as if they were an extension of the fingers and therefore gives the possibility to reach all regions of the body, providing sensations to the recipient. This technique provides drainage, modeling, muscle toning and relaxation of the body and mind. Also contributes to the treatment of cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity.

Radio Frequency Therapy

Treats sagging skin in an intense and rapid way, rejuvenating and stiffening the body.